Why granite?

Granite Countertops and Monuments

Just the facts! Granite is an outstanding material for home, office and beyond.

Here are some facts about granite:

  • Granite has been around since the formation of the earth. It is 100% natural and is one of the hardest stones next to diamond.
  • It is very difficult to scratch polished granite. Essentially it takes another piece of granite or diamond to scratch the surface.
  • Stain Resistance: Polished granite is extremely durable and stain resistant (visit any cemetery and take a look!). DO NOT let some other product salesperson create a mental monster in your head regarding staining. Generally, it is true that some granite need to be sealed (less than 20%) to prevent them from staining. Sealing with a silicone impregnation is typically done before installation and can be easily done by the homeowner about once a year for added peace of mind. Questions regarding this issue? See your granite professional – not someone trying to sell you something else!
  • Granite is heat resistant for everyday kitchen needs. Setting hot pots or bakeware on your granite countertops will not burn or damage them.
  • Mild soap and hot water is basically all you need for cleaning granite countertops. Granite DOES NOT harbor bacteria by itself. When you’re done with food prep, etc. – just wash your tops off!
  • There are more granite color selections available now than ever.
  • There is no product as beautiful and durable as 100% real granite!