Countertops – Getting Started

Rausch Granite Countertops And Monuments

We do not want you to have any surprises or unanticipated cost to complete your project. Specifically, we are not a remodeling firm. We fabricate and install countertops as our main trade. We recommend that a qualified firm or professional be contacted to provide the services that we do not include.

We would like to have the existing countertops cleared off, or new cabinets installed before we arrive. If asked, we will give you a price to remove and haul away your old countertops. This will be indicated by an add-on to your proposal. We reserve the right to withdraw from this situation if we feel there are problems that we are not qualified to deal with. Typically, we will not know exactly what will be involved until we arrive to measure your project.

Some common problems that we encounter:

  1. Countertops not cleared off before our arrival.
  2. Cabinetry not installed on a true plane and level to within 1/8″ in 10′- 0″ feet.
  3. Everything needs to be placed aside before our installation crew arrives. We need good access to complete our work. This will help keep the amount of time we spend in the customer’s home installation to a minimum as well as prevent any damage to the countertops or any other items in our work area during installation.
  4. If a countertop piece is broken during installation it will delay the completion of our work until it has been remade.
  5. All cook tops and ranges need to be removed before our installation crew arrives.
  6. In new construction the location of the drop in or slide in range must be available as well as the rough-cut dimensions.
  7. New sinks should be on site so that we can get the make and model number and new faucets should be onsite so that we can get the number of holes needed and the spread for the faucet holes.  We will attach the sink to the underneath of the new granite countertops at time of install – but we do not hook up plumbing.
  8. We will mount the under mount sinks for your plumber. He will have to hook them up.
  9. The under mount sinks or template must be available when we arrive to template so we can coordinate them to your cabinets.
  10. Existing wood trim pieces and/or appliance cabinets are often encountered. They may need to be removed prior to our installation. We will not assume any responsibility for these items if we have to remove them. We will not reinstall them. Sometimes they will not fit back exactly the same after they have been removed.
  11. Tile back splashes are often encountered. Some pieces may pull away from the wall when your countertops are being removed. We will not assume any responsibility if this happens. We recommend that you plan on replacing the tile if you are replacing the countertops. Often the gap between the existing tile back splashes and the new countertops is not consistent due to variations in the thickness of the old versus new countertops. Often we are able to shim the countertops for proper fit. If this is the case, we will caulk the resulting joint for good appearance. We will not grout the resulting joint. We will not assume any responsibility if the grouted joint by others doesn’t match the existing grout.
  12. We often find that many cabinets have settled out of level or were installed out of level in the first place. This is not obvious until we arrive to install and/or tear out your existing countertops. If this is the case, we will have to shim our pieces up in some areas for proper fit. This will leave a gap between the bottom of the countertops and the top of the cabinets in some areas. This is usually small enough that we can caulk it. In some instances, it will require that a wood trim piece be provided, stained, sealed, and installed by others, for good appearance.
  13. Do not schedule any other trades that touch your countertops for at least 24 hours after we complete our work. This allows time for the gluing compounds we use to completely set up.

We feel these are important items that you should be aware of before installing new or replacing your existing countertops. It is not our intent to discourage you from proceeding. We feel it is in your best interest that you fully understand the scope of work involved before you make a commitment to proceed.