History of Rausch Granite

Granite Countertops & Monuments – South Dakota

Rausch Granite has had quite a history. Click the years below to learn about our beginnings, and how we became one of the leading granite countertops companies in South Dakota.


Roy Steiner and Dewey Kaddatz formed Columbia Granite Co. which operated both a quarry and retail monument sales operation.


Valentine Rausch joined the Columbia Granite Co. as a Salesman and Office Manager.


Valentine Rausch purchased Dewey Kaddatz’s interest in the company and became Roy Steiner’s partner, renaming the company Steiner-Rausch Granite Co., which consisted of a quarry operation and a retail monument sales company.


The retail portion of the business was renamed Rausch Brothers Granite Co. and Val’s sons Norbert, Severin, and Herman were now the main management team and later would be joined by another brother Eugene.

A wholesale granite slab sawing operation was added to the Rausch Brothers operation at this time allowing the company to saw blocks of granite from the Steiner-Rausch quarry and to sell to other monument and stone building companies.


Val’s son Gene passed away as the result of a brain tumor. At this time Gene’s son Mike was named President and General Manager bringing the company into the third generation of Rausch family management.


The company moved about 1 1/2 mile and 1 whole state west, building a new plant and office facility in Big Stone City, SD.


Having been in the wholesale slab sawing business since 1948, first using gang saws and then wire saws the company made the move to the computer age with a state-of-the-art 11.5 ft dia. computer controlled diamond saw replacing the older wire saw.


The Steiner – Rausch Quarry portion of the business was sold to Cold Spring Granite. Rausch Brothers Granite continued to operate its retail monument sales and the slab sawing and wholesale slab sales operation.


Rausch Brothers made a decision to discontinue the wholesale slab sawing operation and look for other opportunities in the natural stone industry.


Having used granite as a solid surface for years in the business offices and family homes, as well as recognizing the overwhelming public request for granite countertops, Rausch Brothers moved forward creating a new division, Rausch Granite Interiors. Staffed with skilled artisans from both the surrounding stone industry as well as craftsman from the building trades; the acceptance of the company in this new market has been outstanding. Along with this staff of skilled personnel, the latest equipment was purchased for the fabrication and installation of countertops.

In this same time frame, large changes in the monument industry occurred with the purchase of their two largest competitors by a company from the east coast. This had a huge and dramatic affect on the territory covered by Rausch Brothers Monument Company. Again, additional state-of-the-art equipment was added to our operation, doubling the output of the monument side of the business.


Rausch Granite Interiors again installed new technology in the form of an Intermac, Stone Master 4000 CNC machine, to increase production.

Rausch Brothers Granite Company’s philosophy has always been “Complete Satisfaction.” To date they have lived up to that philosophy 100%.


Rausch Granite Interiors added a 7,500 square foot addition to house the expanding production needs. Added were two Yukon Bridge saws, one being a table. Also added was a Marmo Meccanica line polisher.